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3rd Grade

Fair-Oak Elementary School
Third Grade Supplies

o 1- book bag
o 1—2 inch binder with pockets (zip binders are difficult to fit
inside desks)
o 1-- 1 inch binder with pockets for writing journals
o 1 packs of wide rule, loose-leaf notebook paper
o 1- Clipboard
o 1—1 subject spiral notebook (reading journal)
o 1-- 5-subject spiral notebook *with pockets (science journal)
o 6- marble composition notebooks (colors are important)
2 math- red, 1 science-green, 1 reader response journal -Yellow, 1
poetry journal-blue,
o 1- pencil box (about 8”x5”)
o Child scissors
o 1- pack of colored pencils
o 1- packs of yellow No. 2 pencils
o 4- Glue Sticks
o 2-pack of sheet protectors
o 1-pack of tab dividers (5 tabs in the pack)
o 2- pack dry-erase markers
o BIG pink erasers